Cape Verde tourism agencies think new tax only benefits large agencies

Praia, Cape Verde- The Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism in Cape Verde considers that the new airport fee will only benefit “the large tourist agencies”, since the turnover of the national agencies is “not very expressive” .

In force since Tuesday, the TSA costs, on national flights, 150 Cape Verdean escudos (about 1.36 euros) to all passengers (domestic and foreign), which are charged at the time of the tickets.

For international flights, the fee is 3,400 escudos (about 30.86 euros) for foreign passengers, charged through the web pre-registration platform.

This fee came into force on the same day that citizens of 36 European countries are no longer required to have a short-stay visa to enter Cape Verde

For the Association of Cape Verde Travel and Tourism Agencies (AAVCV), “most Cape Verdean travel agencies will not be able to benefit” from the measure, “at least in the immediate future.”

“Our agencies, for the most part, do not function properly as tourism agencies and when it does, turnover is still not very significant. That is to say that this new framework should essentially benefit the large tourist agencies, “reads the association’s statement.

In order for Cape Verdean travel and tourism agencies to have “an important part of this cake,” the association argues that “these can further develop tourism and increase their business,” something the association’s management says it wants to encourage .

The association calls for “a business development program” that can “help the agencies in this necessary modernization and expansion of their business,” so that they can “follow the evolution of the market.”