Casino workers to be required NAT test every 48 hours starting from Jun 29

The Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ) has requested for gaming operators to tighten pandemic requirements for employees in gaming areas.

The new guidelines issued to operators and confirmed by MNA, mandate that starting from June 29 every employee entering a casino must present a nucleic acid test (NAT) test taken in the previous 48 hours, including the casino employees themselves.

All employees entering the casino floor will also be required to carry out a rapid antigen test (RAT) test to be provided by the employer before each work shift while employees on the casino floor who work in close contact with customers must wear an N95 mask.

In a public statement issued today (Sunday) the DICJ has also stated that due to the recent community outbreak gaming concessionaires “must strictly comply with the anti-epidemic prevention guidelines issued by the Health Bureau”

These include: effectively checking individual health codes upon entry, measuring body temperature, strengthening cleaning and disinfection work in the casinos, reduce mobility and transfer of personnel in casinos, and assure that individuals inside gaming areas maintain a social distance and wear a mask, among other measures.

The number of confirmed cases in the SAR has reached 357 in one week, with a third citywide testing drive to be carried out between June 27 and 28.

Despite the most serious community outbreak witnessed in the city so far, casinos have remained open, while other leisure and entertainment businesses have been closed to reduce pandemic risks.