Caught by the climate

There is a great expression in Portuguese that goes along the lines of ‘apanhados do clima’, which, in William Shakespeare, George Gordon Byron, or simply Lord Byron’s language may have a translation that I ignore but in literal terms is ‘caught by the climate’.
With the recent days of fog shrouding Macau the expression is even more accurate and I’m already 88 per cent sure that the expression came from this tiny Pearl River Delta city, even if the history books neglect to say anything about it.
Yes, we’re all caught up by the climate we have in Macau. The non-appearance of the sun these days makes people turn to foolishness in a glimpse.
Thus, I recommend the Macau Government oblige residents and non-residents alike – let’s put all of them in the same Basic Law state – to travel abroad at least 20 days a year on a trip paid for by the Treasury. From those 20 days, 10 must be to a country of a different language.
The businesses linked to the air economy would flourish. We would surely have an even bigger airport and more airlines. We would have confidence that people are more prepared for the real world. Not that Macau is not a real world; it’s just that sometimes it seems more akin to a fantasy theme park, peopled by players who are merely decorative and have a say in nothing.
Hopefully, with such a policy, we would have people demanding more from the government. Better services, qualified public servants, intelligent people who know exactly what the future may bring and what it may expect from all of us, which cannot be so different from hard work and clever solutions for the problems, which are more than the trivial aspects of our lives where we sometimes say more than we should.
One day, this all goes and what is important in a moment is not as significant as it really should ever have been.
The referred measures would also cope with the people whom the climate makes suffer distorted behaviour. Those that are hidden in the shadows of the mist like the vampires in horror movies.
Macau, I start thinking now, might be full of vampires so another good move would be to start cultivating garlic – but of the Mediterranean variety, not the type we find here that has a nice visual appearance but a not so strong flavour.