CCAC slams DSAT’s use of outdated regulations

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has completed an investigation report on municipal ordinances and municipal regulations. At the beginning of this year, during the inspection of an Ombudsman case involving the Transport Bureau (DSAT), it was found that the Bureau had been imposing fines on those who allegedly violated the regulations based on the provisions of the Regulation of Use of the Centre for Driving Lessons and Exams. However, the Regulation has not been in force since 2nd June 2001. During the investigation into the reasons DSAT applied expired regulations for management and law application, the CCAC found that the Regulation of Use of the Centre for Driving Lessons and Exams is a regulation promulgated by the former municipal body and that the problem with the regulation already existed when the Transport Bureau was established. Lost touch with reality When conducting the preliminary study on the municipal ordinances and municipal regulations still in force, CCAC found that a significant number of norms are already outdated, and there may even be a possible existence of a scenario where the reality of the situation contradicts the normative content. Thus, a comprehensive follow-up and investigation has been conducted targeting the normative issues of the Licensing Regulation on the Establishment for Retail of Meat, Seafood, Poultry and Vegetables (hereinafter ‘Licensing Regulation’) and the Regulation of the Municipal Market of the Macao Municipal Council (hereinafter ‘Regulation of Municipal Market’). CCAC urged the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) to revise Article 3 of the Licensing Regulation – which restricts certain establishments from selling more than one kind of food, and to conduct a complete review and revision of municipal ordinances and regulations including the Regulation of Municipal Market in order to amend and perfect the provisions which do not fit the reality of everyday life but are nevertheless in force.