China-Macau ‘Mollywood’ film project base launched

A China-Macau ‘Mollywood’ film project has been launched at the Xianghe Guohua Film and Television Base in China with the goal of becoming a film, music, fashion production and communication hub to rival with Hollywood and Bollywood, Business Wire reported.

Based in Macau and registered in Hengqin, Wang Haige, the Chairman of Mollywood Group, announced in the launching press ceremony that the project will use resource advantages of the two places for both the domestic market and the international market.

Mollywood is also to cover television production and distribution, the music industry, big data centers, artificial intelligence, entertainment marketing and advertising, e-commerce, creative exhibitions, fashion entertainment, KOL (social media celebrities) bases and talents training.

The new project is said to be jointly sponsored by more than 100 renowned Chinese entertainment industry giants including Wang Haige, Jackie Chan, Yu Dong, Gong Yu, Sammo Hung, Wen Jun, Liu Jiang, Chen Baoguo, Gaowa Siqin and Gong Hanlin.

‘Mollywood will speed up building itself as a base for communication and cooperation with the mainstream of Chinese culture and the coexistence of multiple cultures and will play a more active role in promoting cultural exchanges between the East and the West and mutual learning between civilizations,’ famous Director Chen Kaige – from Farewell my concubine and Yellow Earth fame – was also said to have commented on the project.