China’s border city with North Korea eases tourism curbs

Chinese tourists are still visiting Pyongyang from China’s border city of Dandong, tourism sources say, even after authorities unofficially halted the tours just ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to China last month. Samantha Vadas reports.

There may be a travel ban on Chinese tour groups heading to North Korea from the city of Dandong, but Reuters can exclusively reveal the border is still open.

Sources say tourists are travelling to Pyongyang from the port city, despite Beijing unofficially stopping the tours ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to the country last month, and its no secret local businesses in China find ways around such policies.

The largest group to have apparently headed for Pyongyang so far; forty tourists who left last Friday (December 15).

Tourism to North Korea isn’t banned by the United Nations and is one of the few ways left that Pyongyang actually makes hard cash.

Experts estimate it generates about $44 million in annual revenue for the regime.