Chinese driver Jason Zhang repeats victory at Macau Guia Race

Chinese driver Jason Zhang Zhi Qiang repeated his victory last year and won the 50th edition of the Macau Guia Race, in a peculiar race in which several drivers faced tire issues.

For a short period, however, it seemed like a local driver could have topped the Guia Race for the first time, with Filipe de Souza (Audi) managing to invade the Teamwork Motorsport team formation and climb to second in the first laps.

However, the winners of the 2021 TCR China quickly regained the podium positions, and after some shuffling Ma Qing Hua seemed poised for an easy win as he progressed followed by teammates Jason Zhang and Sunny Wong.

However, in the last laps of the race, Ma was suddenly struck by tire issues and dramatically lost ground.

Initially, teammate Jason Zhang seemed intended in letting Ma continue in front but with Hong Kong driver Lo Sze Ho (Z-Challenger Racing) surprisingly gaining ground on the front three, Zhang had to overtake to first, with Lo taking second and Ma narrowingly finishing third as he could barely move forward.

Last year Ma lost a chance to win the race after British driver Rob Huff drove into his car at the Mandarin corner.

Huff was later stripped of a 10th Macau Guia race victory following a post-race penalty and handing the victory to Jason Zhang, the first time a mainland driver won the competition.

Before the final lap, Souza was also shown a black flag when he was running in fourth, having to abandon the race.

A black flag is displayed to drivers who have caused serious accidents or committed serious violations. No information was provided yet on the reasons for the black flag to Souza.