Chui Sai On meets with Chief Executive-elected, promises smooth Gov’t transition

The Chief Executive (CE), Fernando Chui Sai On, had held a meeting today with the CE-elected, Ho Iat Seng, with both parties promising to maintain good communication and mutual cooperation for a ‘smooth government transition’, the Office of the CE indicated.

Ho was elected the 5th Macau SAR CE on Sunday but will need to wait for an official appointment from the Chinese Central government.

During the meeting, Chui stated that after the completion of a series of necessary legal procedures, the government will submit a report to the Mainland Central government for the official appointment from the Central government.

Meanwhile, the CE will instruct the current government to provide full support and cooperation in various resources for Ho for organize a new government, while the current government will continue to advance its policies and ensure to create a ‘harmonious society’ for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Macau SAR and for the new government.

Ho remarked on the meeting that he and his team will maintain close communication with the current CE to ensure an ‘orderly’ transition.