City cancels typhoon signal but alerts for heavy rain

The Macau Meteorological and Geophysical Services (SMG) announced at 10.10am today (Sunday) of 20 mm precipitation (heavy rain). The rain is expected to intensify. “The population is advised to pay attention to road safety and follow the latest weather information”, tSMS advised. After the cancelation of typhoon signal 3 warning, as tropical cyclone Sinkalu is moving away from the territory, the Macau authorities warned in a statement that, “there will be occasional strong winds (…) and under the influence of an astronomical tide, floods will occur in low areas of Porto. Interior” on Sunday and Monday.

A warning that initially motivated the announcement of the “Storm Surge”, the first warning on the scale.

Now, “the expected flood height will be less than 0.3 meters. The public is advised to continue to take appropriate measures”, the same note reads.

On Friday, the authorities issued the signal 3 of tropical storm and foresaw floods in the low zones in the territory.

The tropical storm alert scale consists of signals 1, 3, 8, 9 and 10, which are issued taking into account the proximity of the storm and the intensity of the winds.

For this year, the Macau authorities said they expected four to six tropical storms in the territory in 2020, some of which may even “reach the level of severe typhoon or super typhoon”.