Civil protection status raised, SAR exits only with 24-hour negative test

The Macau SAR government has announced that starting from 3:30pm today (Tuesday) all people leaving the SAR must have a nucleic acid test certificate carried out in the last 24 hours.

Health authorities today revealed that a local couple already inside the SAR borders has tested positive for Covid-19 after a rapid viral nucleic acid test and were placed under medical observation.

Authorities also added that given the “extremely high risk” of Covid-19 outbreak in the community, the Unitary Police Service, under a Chief Executive dispatch will upgrade the city’s status to ‘immediate prevention’ status in accordance with the civil protection law to safeguard the life and assets of Macau residents.

Under the Civil Protection Framework ‘immediate prevention’ status can be raised ‘when there is a strengthening’ of the ‘presence of abnormal and adverse factors, but which do not lead to the occurrence of relief situations or calamities’ accompanied by ‘obvious signs’ that these can ’cause the sudden occurrence of distress or calamity’

[To be updated]