Civil servants required to stay in Macau during CNY break -Gov’t

*By Therese Tu

The Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) urged today (Friday) all civil servants to stay in Macau during the Chinese New Year break from January 22 to February 15.

In the same announcement, SAFP urged civil servants to avoid visiting medium-risk and high-risk areas in Guangdong, as well as other provinces in the Mainland and foreign countries.

SAFP added that civil servants who need to travel for official affairs or emergencies, must take personal pandemic protection measures, pay close attention to the pandemic situation in the destination, strictly comply with the pandemic prevention regulations, and avoid going to high-risk areas.

Also, SAFP emphasized that civil servants who travel outside Macau for personal affairs, will be not counted as taking reasonable absence if they are subject to medical observation due to the pandemic changes.