Civil servants to resume basic services next week

The Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) Director, Kou Peng Kuan, stated today public departments will gradually resume basic services next week, between February 17 and 21.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, public departments have reduced their services to the bare minimum since the beginning of the month, with most public workers sent home as a preventive measure.

No exact information was provided on which services will resume operations, with Kou stating that information would be published by authorities in the future but that they would be the one considered to be more essential to residents.

Most public workers will still remain at home.

Each department head will be responsible for deciding which workers can resume work and which ones can remain working from home, with workers possibly to work in shifts.

Civil servants who live in Zhuhai will have to follow different instructions when returning to work.

Residents will only be allowed to enter government facilities after filing an online health declaration in which they declare to not have symptoms. They will also have to use health masks and undergo body temperature checks.

A trial of the online questionnaire will be set tomorrow.

Before going to the public services they require, residents were advised to first assess with the respective departments if they can’t conduct what they need online or by phone.

In case someone makes a declaration claiming he has no symptoms but is later found to have been infected, he could incur sanctions under the law.

[To be updated]