CN Logistics partners with Redress for fashion product recycling program in Macau and HK

Logistics solutions provider, CN Logistics International Holdings Limited, has announced it will partner with Redress, a Hong Kong non-profit organisation, to provide integrated logistics services for its fashion product recycling program in Hong Kong and Macau.

Redress is an environmental NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry, by reselling donated second-hand fashion products according to their maintenance level to raise funds and donating second-hand clothing to local charities supporting people in need.

The NGO currently has 34 recycling points in both SARs, with CN Logistics to provide logistics-related support to Redress, ranging from warehousing and delivery services to sorting recycled clothing.

“With the continuous rise of public awareness on environmental protection in recent years, fashion brands have increasingly valued corporate social responsibility and pursued the sustainable development of all processes within the supply chain,” the CEO of CN Logistics indicated in the announcement.

“In the future, we will actively promote the development of this area, and strive to become a total solution provider integrating commercial logistics and environmental solutions.”