Masks donated by Omnirisc to health authorities

Companies and associations step up Covid-19 money and health mask donations

Several local companies and associations have recently announced more pledges to donate money to efforts to contain the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and health masks.

Today local bank BNU announced to have donated MOP100,000 (US$12,494) to charity Caritas Macau to support underprivileged residents tackle the virus, has also opened a donation account for the organisation.

The local bank had previously announced special SME banking service packages for priority processing and rapid approval; business operational support; rental and payroll support; or procurement of self-use hygiene products/equipment.

The Macau Govenrment was forced to place an order for 20 million masks from countries like Portugal and the United States, due to supply issues from the Chinese market, and established a purchase scheme in which each resident can only purchase 10 masks every 10 days.

More than 5 million masks have already been sold to local residents in the first two rounds of the scheme with the third having started this week.

However, a lack of medical supplies and masks in neighboring regions has urged several private entities to donate equipment to help tackle the epidemic.

Local gaming operators and junkets have also so far pledged more than MOP200 million in financial support to Covid-19 containment efforts in Mainland China and Macau.

Today gaming operator MGM China announced a donation of 500,000 surgical masks to the local govenrment, with Galaxy Entertainment Group having announced yesterday the donation of 1 million health masks to be distributed to Macau, Zhuhai, and Hengqin in the next two weeks.

The gaming operator also set a subsidy scheme providing a one-off subsidy of MOP30,000 to over 30 local schools and a one-off subsidy of MOP2,000 to children registered at Macau’s 20 non-government subsidized nurseries.

Disinfection and hygiene products were also provided by GEG to the Women’s General Association of Macau, the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau and the Fuhong Society of Macau.

This week Greater Bay Area Homeland Investments Limited also offered 80,000 health masks to the Health Bureau with security company, Omnirisc Security Services – Macau Ltd, also donating 13,750 children masks to the Conde S. Januario Hospital.

Low-cost airline Air Asia also provided 250,000 surgical gloves to be distributed by authorities to nursing homes, social centers/day centers for the elderly, and nursing care centers in Macau.

Last week Goldcommon Co., Ltd. had also donated 15,000 health masks to local health authorities.