Company suspected of declaring false workers to receive subsidies being probed

Authorities are investigating a company suspected of providing false data about local workers to the Financial Services Bureau and the Social Security Fund, in order to improperly receive subsidies to support the fight against the pandemic, the Commission Against Corruption announced on announced on Monday.

The company in question provides “maintenance and repair services for the building of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Border Post,” CCAC said in a statement.

During the investigation, “the CCAC verified that the referred company declared, with the relevant services, that it had hired 24 local workers”, but six of the declared workers “had a record of abnormal border movements and rarely stayed in Macau”, you can read. if in the note.

“There was even the case of someone who left Macau in 2015 and never came back in,” pointed out the CCAC.

Some workers “confessed that they had never worked at the company” or that they “had not received any salary”, stating that the payment of contributions to Social Security “was only to receive the pension for elderly people granted by the Government in the future”, the organization also said. to combat corruption.

For the CCAC, “there are strong indications that the workers in question are simulated workers”, having the body denounced the case to the Public Ministry, on suspicion of crime of falsifying documents.

The CCAC also suspects that the workers in question “have improperly received pecuniary support to combat the epidemic, granted by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region]”.

“Last year, each local worker in the aforementioned company received 15,000 patacas [1,605 euros] as pecuniary support to combat the epidemic,” reported the CCAC.

The anti-graft body reported “this case of undue receipt of amounts by these workers” to the Financial Services Bureau(DSF) .