Corruption watchdog investigating continuing education fraud involving 200 residents

A scam involving education subsidies, about 200 Macau residents and around MOP1 million (US$125,270) is being investigated by the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC), the institution said in a statement.

The alleged fraud was allegedly committed by the heads of a local education center and by at least 192 residents of the territory.

According to the CCAC, residents enrolled in courses that were subsidized by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) Continuous Development and Improvement Program, but ‘most trainees never attended the classes, limiting themselves to providing their personal identification data to the education center and receiving, in exchange MOP2,000 to MOP2,500 in cash’.

At the same time, ‘the three heads of the aforementioned education center requested financial support […] using the data of the trainees with falsified enrollment and course attendance’, it can be read in the same note.

The body that investigated the case ‘found that someone will have instructed some of the trainees in advance on how they should respond to questions from CCAC staff, namely by memorizing the names of the courses and teachers and stating, fraudulently, that they have attended classes’.

The case involves crimes of fraud, forgery of documents and computer forgery, and the matter was referred today to the Public Prosecutions Office.