Corruption watchdog uncovers two bribery and fraud cases involving DSAL employees

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) has uncovered two cases of bribery and fraud involving Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) employees.

The corruption watchdog indicated to have received a report from the DSAL stating that a trainee of an ‘Occupational Safety Card in the Construction Industry’ training course allegedly bribed the invigilator from the department during an examination.

It was found in the investigation that as the trainee expected that it was not likely for him to pass the exam of the training course, during the exam, he promised the invigilator a bribe of MOP2,000 (US$250), hoping that the latter would help him pass the exam and obtain an’ Occupational Safety Card in the Construction Industry’.

‘The trainee’s act has allegedly constituted active bribe provided for in the Penal Code and the case has been referred to the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) following completion of the investigation,’ the CCAC added.

The second case involves a DSAL administrative and financial affairs worker who accepted a co-worker’s application for marriage allowance and handled it on his own when he was working as a supervisor although he knew that the application was overdue.

‘The worker even wrote a fabricated date of receipt and reason on the application form and falsely claimed that the applicant had submitted the form within the statutory submission period. Eventually, they managed to deceive the DSAL and have the application approved. As a result, the Financial Services Bureau has mistakenly granted the marriage allowance to the applicant,’ the CCAC noted

The duo’s acts have allegedly constituted forgery by public servant and fraud as prescribed by the Penal Code and the case has also been referred to the MP.