Court maintains fine issued to a police deputy chief for entering in a casino without permission

The Court of Second Instance (TSI) has maintained a 25 day fine issued to a Public Security Police Force (CPSP) officer for entering a Taipa casino without superior authorisation.

On April, 2017, the CPSP was notified by the Macau Force Forces and Security Services Discipline Supervisory Commission of a complaint lodged by a local citizen of stating that on multiple occasions he had seen a male CPSP guard ‘having fun’ in a Taipa casino.

Public administration workers, including police officers, are not authorised to enter casinos, except when authorized by the Chief Executive. Police officers can enter casinos while on service but are not allowed to engage in gambling.

The investigation was carried out with surveillance footage provided by the casino in question identified the officer as a CPSP deputy who had entered, without authorization from his superior in a Taipa casino.

The deputy chief was also said to have told other punter that he worked in the Macau Peninsula NAPE police precinct.

On September 2017, the CPSP Commander decided to apply a 25-day disciplinary fine to the deputy chief, who then appealed the decision to the TSI contesting the use of the surveillance footage as illegal evidence.

However, the court considered the request for the footage from the casino in question compatible with the data protection law.