Crown Resorts bullish on Macau

Crown Resorts executive vice-president, strategy and development, Todd Nisbet said that the government reforms and the broader slowdown in the Chinese economy would not affect Macau’s ongoing performance. “People talk about a slowdown, but we’ve been looking at 15 percent growth. So when you talk about that kind of compound growth, the base of it is so large that you just can’t sustain that. So all of a sudden 15 goes to 12, 12 goes to 10, and there seems to be a general panic. But the reality is that’s still one of the highest-growth markets in the world in terms of what has been done on a GDP basis, investment per capita, earnings per capita. So anything you look at, by any metric, it’s still an outperformer,’’ he was quoted by the Australian newspaper as saying. “There’s like 88 cranes running in Macau right now and about $10 billion-worth of investment. So, you know, for whatever the noise there is, the reality is capital is being deployed,” he added.