CTM and MTel with landline service licenses renewed until 2023

Local telecom operators CTM and MTel have seen their landline service licenses renewed until 2023.

As referred by a Chief Executive dispatch, both operators have had their licenses renewed from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

Landline service licenses include the installation and operation of telecom cables, optical fibres, radioelectricity or other electromagnetic systems, which connect local fixed points, to each other, or outside the Macau SAR and which support public use telecommunications services.

CTM’s 32-year-old fixed-line telephony monopoly in Macau ended in 2013 when the government issued a landline service licence to Mtel, with both licenses gradually renewed since then.

During the year, CTM invested MOP625 million in investment projects, an increase of MOP385 million compared to the previous year, with its largest projects including the launch of the initial phase of the new 5G mobile network, internet and leased lines, and also the continuous development of the Customer Support Management System.