CTM announces special pricing reductions starting on CNY

Telecom operator CTM has announced a new price reduction and speed enhancement to take effect on February 1 set to assist SMEs in post-pandemic recovery and online transition.

The new pricing scheme will cover customers of residential, ordinary business Internet service and Direct Internet Access (DIA).

The telecom group states it aims to facilitate SMEs in accelerating their ‘smart transformation’ with more affordable costs and ‘grasp the opportunities of O2O development’ in the Greater Bay Area while pushing forward the post-pandemic recovery of the local economy and riding on the integration of ‘5G+Cloud.

The average reduction of residential fibre broadband service is 22 per cent, 48 per cent for general business fibre broadband service, and 20 per cent for DIA service, the new pricing also covers student broadband and the average reduction is 26 per cent. 

The telecom provider indicated that it has ‘responded actively’ to the impetus from CTT by launching the new pricing and that it will remain committed to ‘developing and investing in Macau’ and to ‘contribute forces to facilitate smart transformation in various sectors’.

Ordinary business broadband users are entitled to price reductions from 23 to 70 per cent, the lowest speed service plan will be automatically uplifted by 5 times to 150Mbps.

In terms of DIA service, customers using service plans higher than 2Mbps are entitled to enjoy 20 per cent off.

The new pricing also covers student broadband service, reduction rate ranges from 21 to 35 per cent, and the lowest speed will be uplifted to 150Mbps. 

Starting from April 1, some 20 per cent and 54 per cent off will be applied to the fixed telephony service for ordinary business customers and Social Housing residential fixed telephony service respectively. The new pricing will be effective automatically and application is not needed. 

‘The global pandemic has brought certain influence to Macau’s economic development, CTM has been actively adopting its network resources to combat the epidemic, including the launch of the special caring scheme for SMEs, provided a waiver of Internet and fixed telephony service charges for residents in Red Code Zone, as well as provided 30GB free mobile data service and 4G mobile prepaid cards for cross-border students during their stay in Macau’.