CTM, China Telecom’s bids for 5G licenses accepted

The bids for the SAR’s first 5G licenses submitted by CTM and China Telecom have been accepted, with the future licensed operators expected to launch the 5G service at the earliest in the first quarter of 2023.

There are four licenses up for grabs, but CTM and China Telecom were the only two telecommunications companies that have submitted proposals for operating 5G services. While the two bids were accepted by the Macau Post and Telecommunications Bureau (CTT), the one submitted by China Telecom was accepted with conditions.

The Macau SAR government has earlier on June 30 approved the long-awaited regulations that will finally allow for 5G network operations and licensing, while proposals for the 5G licenses were allowed to be submitted between July 4 to August 12.

The CTT has indicated that they will start the bid evaluation process soon with the licensing process expected to be completed within this year. 

Also, future licensed operators are estimated to be able to launch 5G services in the first quarter of next year at the earliest.

To date, Macau remains the only jurisdiction in China without an operating 5G network.