CTT director says cyberattack earlier in the month has been reported

Macau (MNA) – The director of Macau Post and Telecommunications (CTT), Lau Wai Meng, told media at the sidelines of an event on Friday that a report by Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau (CTM) on a cyberattack that took place earlier this month has been submitted.

Lau said the bureau is still analysing the situation, and its not clear yet if telecommunication companies have certain weaknesses that make the network prone to cybersecurity attacks.

Customers had noticedslower service on May 6, at 9:00am, which CEO of CTM, Vandy Poon Fuk Hei had confirmed was due to a cybersecurity attack.

Poon noted that CTM had received hundreds of complaints but the network had been restored shortly a while later.