Cultural Affairs Bureau unaware of ‘Mollywood’ project details

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) informed Lusa that it does not know the details about a new project that wants to transform Macau into the international headquarters of the ‘Hollywood of the East’.

“The IC does not have detailed information about the program in question”, he pointed out, in response to the Lusa agency.

Even so, the IC stressed that he was “very enthusiastic about the existence of cultural projects in different areas, favouring the formation of different types of cultural talents and the development of the market, and playing a certain role in promoting the development of the local cultural and creative industries”.

The project was announced last week in Langfang, China, and is co-sponsored by more than 100 artists from the Chinese film and television entertainment industry, including actor Jackie Chan.

The goal is to follow the American model of Hollywood and Indian Bollywood, this time to reinforce the international competitiveness of what is “the second-largest film market in the world”, China, announced the leader of the group that wants to lead the investment, Wang Haige.

The project, called ‘Mollywood’, will be “incorporated into another cultural industry ‘cluster’ worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the future for the diversified development of Macau,” can be read in a note published in Business Wire, an American company operating in the commercial information distribution business.

Mollywood Group President, Wang Haige, stressed that the fact that the company is registered in Hengqin and establishes its international headquarters in Macau allows it to benefit from the “resource advantages of both locations, both for the domestic market and for the international market. ”.

On the other hand, he stated that the project covers fields such as film and television production and distribution, the music industry, artificial intelligence, entertainment ‘marketing’ and advertising, ‘e-commerce’, creative exhibitions, fashion entertainment and talent training.