Currently no vaccination of pregnant women taking place – Health authorities

Health authorities have indicated that pregnant women are not currently being vaccinated in Macau but reiterated that there is no proven relationship between miscarriage and vaccination against Covid-19.

Hong Kong health officials and medical experts have recently stressed that pregnant women should seek the advice of their doctor before getting a BioNTech coronavirus jab and not use the Sinovac vaccine at all after two miscarriages were reported on Wednesday.

No direct link has been established between the vaccines and the miscarriages, which Hong Kong health authorities still investigating the cases.

Meanwhile, Macau health authorities underlined that so far animal testing points to the safety of the vaccine in pregnant women and fetuses, but noted that clinical data is limited.

“Any medication should be used if the benefits outweigh the risks, in this situation, the possibility of being infected by the virus that causes COVID-19. In fact, this possibility also depends on different regions, since the recommendations differ from country to country or region,” the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre stated.

“Currently, Macau does not offer vaccines against COVID-19 to pregnant women.”

The pandemic prevention workgroup advised that if pregnancies are detected after vaccination, the National Health Commission suggests that no special medical measures be taken, but required strict monitoring.

“The Coordination Center reiterates that the occurrence of adverse events after vaccination is not equivalent to the side effects of the vaccine. The two situations are different,” it was added.

“Until experts are able to determine the causal relationship between the event and the vaccine, it is not possible to judge hastily that the event was caused by the vaccine. On the other hand, in the introduction of the vaccine on the market, a monitoring system will be created for the purposes of observation”.

As of yesterday, a total of 48,974 people had administered either the Sinopharm or BioNTech vaccines, of which 26,113 people completed both doses of the vaccine.

Yesterday Health Bureau Director, Alvin Lo, also revealed that authorities had decided to temporarily suspend an order for 400,000 AstraZeneca following health concerns linked to the vaccine.