Daily local network usage increased 30pct in last two weeks – CTM

Local telecom provider CTM indicated that local network usage has increased by 30 per cent in the last two weeks when compared with the usual daily use, both due to the Chinese New Year holidays but also as an impact of the changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

CTM indicated it had increased the network resource before Chinese New Year holiday, including broadband network and overseas bandwidth, so as to cater for sudden upsurge of demands.

Despite the surge in use the overall network was said to be performing ‘steadily’ with discussions with overseas operators to further expand the bandwidth from Macau.

Free Wi-Fi hotspots also had to be installed in all entry ports, in order to enable residents or tourists to complete the online health declaration form required for them to be allowed to entry the city.

‘Furthermore, CTM has reinforced monitoring on the telecom services of hospitals, quarantine facilities, terminals, airport and etc., also to provide mobile handsets in hospital to facilitate communications between patients and families through video call,’ the company indicated.

CTM has also allowed for clients to extend payments for January for one month, with telecom services to not be suspended due to overdue payment, while CTM stores had to adjust operating hours of all its shops, and encourage customers to use mobile application or online portal for service application or payment.