Dare to dream, dare to fly

Spanish dance company Aracaladanza is back in Macau to turn the dream of flying into reality. Get your wings on! 

Leonardo da Vinci once said that after you’ve tried flying “you will always walk around the Earth with your eyes set on the sky because you have already been there and you’ll always want to go back.”  

One of humankind’s oldest aspirations is to fly like a bird and conquer the skies. In fact, the great da Vinci was fascinated by the possibility of flying and, building upon this utopia, left detailed plans for human-powered flying machines as early as 1485. Inspired by this old bequest, Spanish dance company Aracaladanza has created Vuelos (Flights): a show for the whole family, designed to explore the dream of flying. 

Founded in 1995 in Madrid, Spain, Aracaladanza is a modern dance company and the brainchild of Argentine choreographer Enrique Cabrera. His work has long attracted attention in Europe and Asia, where he owns the status of creative reference. Cabrera received a very eclectic training in the most prestigious institutes of Buenos Aires and worked in the most important contemporary dance companies in Argentina before moving to Madrid in 1989.  

Since then, Cabrera has not only been winning international critical acclaim – including being awarded the outstanding choreographer prize at the VIII Madrid Choreography Competition – but has also been setting standards for family shows as his methods particularly attract the attention of younger audiences. Apart from his work as a choreographer, Cabrera has directed a number of musical productions for important venues – most notably for Palau de la Música and L’Auditori in Barcelona. 

Aracaladanza is known for magically transforming dreams into reality through dance and the power of imagination. The productions are based upon simple stories – for example, the critically acclaimed Slice of Paradise (2006), Clouds (2009) and Constellations (2012) were inspired by the work of Spanish surrealists Bosch, Magritte and Miró. Through their exquisite costume design, the innovative sets and scenery, their music, rhythm and movements, Aracaladanza engages audiences in a dreamy experience. This pioneering approach has won the company several prestigious awards, including the 2010 National Theatre for Children and Youth Award plus several prizes earned from successive editions of the FETEN awards, or MAX Prizes, to name but a few. 

A contemporary dance show for children and families, Flights is one of Cabrera’s best and most original works. Taking off from the drawings, paintings and sculptures of da Vinci, the audience dives into the Italian genius’s wildest dreams in an emotionally driven, magical, funny and incredibly inventive adventure. Flights challenges us to contemplate how far humankind has progressed in the quest to fly, and how everything is possible as long as we never stop dreaming. 

Five years after bringing Joan Miró’s Constellations to Macau, Aracaladanza lands Flights on the stage of the Macau Cultural Centre’s Grand Auditorium on 24th and 25th August, with adults and children aged five or above welcome to get on board. So, prepare your family to dream big. Fasten your seatbelts and have an enjoyable flight!