Di Caprio, de Niro ‘fight’ for role in Studio City

The unveiling ceremony of Studio City served as the premiere of the trailer of ‘The Audition’, the short movie promoting Melco Crown’s integrated resorts, starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert de Niro and Brad Pitt under the direction of veteran film director Martin Scorsese.
According to the sneak peak showed to the press, the action takes place inside Studio City casino with Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert de Niro auditioning for a role in one of Martin Scorsese’s movies.
The movie, helping promote Macau worldwide, will have its global premiere at the launch of Studio City, during the third quarter of the year, and there is a possibility that the actors and director will be in Macau for it.
‘The Audition’ was produced by RatPac Entertainment’s Brett Ratner, who directed the blockbuster Red Dragon, X-Men and Rush Hour film franchise.
“This short film is a historic event because it is the first time ever to star such legendary actors as Robert de Niro, Leonardo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt in one film together”, Mr. Ratner said.
“The co-operation between Mr. Scorsese and the Melco Crown Entertainment brand is synergistic because of the fact that Mr. Scorsese directed the film Casino”, he added.