Do’s and don’ts of voting

Chief Executive Electoral Management Committee president Song Man Lei has laid down the law on what constitutes a ‘valid vote’ for this year’s election of the members of the Chief Executive Election Commission.
Ms. Song met with members of the Management Committee to discuss some of the do’s and don’ts both outside and inside the voting booth expected for election day. These include the forbidden use of electronic devices such as mobile phones and cameras. The boxes need to be clearly marked in order for a vote to be deemed valid.
In addition, training will commence for around 500 staff who will be posted at the voting stations. And if the candidates of the various sectors and sub-sectors consider it necessary to host election-related activities, the Management Committee will look into it, Ms. Song confirmed.
Ms. Song also said that publishing the names of the people who sign the ballot is merely for members of that sector and such measures conform to current legislation. These remarks came after a radio listener called in to the local station last week to query the decision.