Dog parks and walking trails and cycle tracks to reopen on Saturday

Starting from July 23 a total of 16 dog parks in Macau will be reopened, together with some walking trails and cycle tracks, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) announced.

All public facilities and services have been shuttered since July 11 when a partial lockdown has been enforced to contain the city’s worst outbreak since the start of the pandemic.

A partial lockdown easing period will now start tomorrow July 23 and end on July 30, with some essential and non-essential commercial establishments, public departments and some businesses allowed to resume limited operations.

During the partial lockdown period, non-essential outings were barred to residents, including making pets for sanitary walks or exercising outdoors.

According to the IAM, during the consolidation period, it will open 16 dog parks, adding that measures for restrictions on people flow when necessary will be enforced, and urging the owners to pay attention to environmental hygiene and keep the streets clean.

The parks will have separate entrances and exits and the opening hours will be from 7:00am to midnight daily.

Users are required to strictly observe the anti-epidemic hygiene guidelines and measures, wear KN95 face masks or those of higher standards all the time, scan venue codes upon entering the venues and take body temperature measurements, and their health codes must be green codes. 

During the same period, the IAM will open the walking trail in the Macau Peninsula Reservoir the Guia Hill Fitness Trail, and two cycle tracks in Taipa and Coloane, for the public to have “suitable places to take leisure walks” and “relieve the stress of staying at home for a long time”.

The walking trails and cycle tracks will be open from 7:00am to 12:00am every day.

Individuals taking walks are required to strictly abide by the pandemic prevention and hygiene guidelines and measures, including wearing masks of KN95 or above specifications throughout their walks, scanning the Venue Codes and undergoing temperature measurements when entering the venues, with green health codes required.

As individuals who go out are still required to wear masks of KN95 or above specifications, IAM will only allow the public to walk, but not to engage in activities of greater intensities, such as running and cycling, at the walking trails and cycle tracks, in accordance with the guidelines of the health authorities to protect public health.