Domestic violence cases rising– Women’s Association

The Women’s General Association has seen an upward trend in the number of domestic violence cases from 2019 to 2022, legislator Grace Wong Kit Cheng indicated to TDM.

The situation of domestic violence in Macau is getting worse, as the number of help calls received by the association and the number of citizens requesting to stay in women’s sanctuaries is rising, Ms Wong, who is also vice president of the Women’s General Association of Macau, said.

Meanwhile, the legislator stressed that only a small number of cases will be eventually defined as domestic violence, and the authorities should review if the follow-up protection measures for the suspected cases are sufficient enough.

Wong also suggested the government should strengthen the combat action and prevention measures against domestic violence, adding that most cases are committed by local residents and new partners. 

The Director of Sisters of the Good Shepherd- Mutual Assistance Centre for Women, Debbie Lai, also expressed that the SAR government should improve the care for children who experience domestic violence, as the trauma they suffer is “unpredictable”. 

The law stipulates that counselling work can only be conducted in thesituation where the perpetrator and the victim both agree, but most perpetrators refuse to receive counselling, MsLai pointed out.

Therefore, the current law in the SAR is limited in this aspect, and future amendments should include provisions for compulsory counselling, she stressed.