Dr. Ho dixit

“I don’t gamble at all, all my life. I am only interested in sports.” 

“I know nothing of gambling. I still don’t gamble” 

“All my life, I never believed in luck.” 

[On being called ‘The Casino King’] “I enjoy this name, but to be very frank I don’t deserve this Casino King. I don’t gamble, how can I be the Casino King?” 

“Even for charity I always give priority to education because I always teach young people [that] knowledge is your real companion, your life long companion, not fortune. Fortune can disappear.” 

“I believe now, to succeed you must have the spirit of hard work, enthusiasm, enthusiasm for learning and the spirit of making good on your promises.” 

“Because I became a refugee in Macau in 1941, we had this war in Hong Kong, I fought for the government as an air raid warden for 15 days. Our Hong Kong government surrendered, so I took a junk and came to Macau in 16 hours and I was a refugee. So that’s why I was so much indebted to Macau.” 

“With 10 dollars in my pocket, I became a millionaire in one year.” 

“Unfortunately, some people still think that Stanley Ho knows too many triads and is connected with the triads. This is very unfair, a real misconception.” 

[On Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn coming into Macau] “The success of one market model cannot be migrated to another. Ignoring Macau’s special characteristics and duplicating a Las Vegas or an Atlantic City would not be a successful strategy.” 

[In January 1997] “I planned to retire at 75, but it looks like I will go to 80. [At the age of 83] “I cannot retire.” 

[On his longevity secrets] “No secrets at all. I lead a normal life but I must believe that sport has brought me this good health, only sport. I swim every day and I do a lot of walking. I do a lot of dancing and I hope to be able to dance with you later.” 

“I virtually promised the moon and have fulfilled all my promises”