Labour authorities issue 13 fines to developers for unsafe construction site conditions

After carrying out a total of 485 construction sites inspections this month, the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) has issued fines 13 fines to developers for unsafe conditions and provided 133 recommendations for improvements.

The inspections were carried out between November 3 and 13.

‘To support professionals in the prevention of accidents at work, DSAL has promotional plans for safety equipment, namely on ‘portable temporary anchor devices”, “seat belt”, “light work platforms”, etc…’, and encourages companies to request and use equipment that meets safety standards,’ the department stated.

In addition, to raise awareness among professionals in the sector, DSAL has organized several safety training courses and has edited several publications, posters and leaflets on safety at work.

Presently regulations stipulate fines ranging from MOP1,000 to MOP15,000 when construction safety rules are violated.

Some 14 people died due to work-related accidents in 2020, with 24 people suffering permanent disabilities.