Each junket will only be allowed do business with one concessionaire – Gaming bill

Each gaming promoter (junket) will only be allowed to provide services to one gaming concessionaire, according to the gaming law amendment bill, which was tabled to the Legislative Assembly and published this morning.

As mentioned by Spokesperson of the Executive Council and Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong on Friday, Article 23 of the bill also bans junkets from engaging in revenue-sharing arrangements with casino operators or to operating certain areas or facilities in casinos. They will be “limited only to the provision of support to the concessionaires in the promotion of gambling activities in casinos, through commissions.” 

The draft bill also bans junkets from resorting to third parties to carry out business with the exception of “situations deemed necessary by their partners, members of the management body or employees.”

Another measure to be implemented concerning junket operations stipulates that until the 10th of each month, gaming concessionaires will need to submit details regarding the commissions paid to junkets in the previous month. 

The city’s gaming promotion sector was dealt a severe blow following the Suncity scandal. Most VIP rooms in casinos have already closed in recent weeks.