East Timor: Over 4,300 still displaced in Dili after floods

Over 4,300 people remain displaced in seven shelters in Dili, 18 days after floods caused 32 deaths and nine missing persons, according to the latest report from the Timorese Ministry of State Administration.

Overall, the floods affected more than 28,700 families across the country, most of which in the capital, with losses of homes, personal property and agricultural crops, among others, said the same report, dated Monday, and to which Lusa had access today.

The updated data shows that 4,546 houses and over 2,160 hectares of fields were destroyed or damaged (especially in Manatuto, Bobonaro, Liquica and Viqueque), as well as 42 roads, 23 bridges and 29 other infrastructures, including schools and other public buildings.

At national level, 28,734 families were affected, of which 25,881 in the municipality of Dili (90%) and 2,853 (10%) in the remaining municipalities.

In the first days after the floods, the number of displaced persons in Dili reached 15,876.

In addition to the 32 confirmed dead (13 in Dili, seven in Ainaro, four in Viqueque, two each in Manatuto and Covalima and one each in Aileu, Baucau, Liquiça and Oecusse), the authorities have registered nine missing persons, three in Ainaro, three in Manaturo, two in Dili and one in Bobonaro.

Cristo Rei, Dom Aleixo and Vera Cruz were the most affected areas in Dili, according to available data.

The Government indicated that it has already distributed support to 5,323 families of the more than 19,000 affected by the floods, in Díli. Besides the agricultural production, the floods also caused the loss of 832 animals, mainly buffalos, cows, chickens and goats, and the loss of several fishing boats.