Economic housing residents responsible for repairs in common areas – Gov’t

The Housing Bureau (IH) has stated that since the warranty period for the Lake View and Ip Heng public housing buildings in Taipa and Seac Pai Van has already expired, it is up to the housing unit owners to take care of the repair of the common areas of the building.

Recently local residents living in the two buildings have reported several cases of broken and falling wall tiles in the properties’ common areas, with several inquiries made to the IH for assistance in the repairs.

In its response, the bureau only notes that in order to guarantee the safety of the residents it has already alerted the management companies of the two buildings to reinforce the inspection and remove the tiles with cracks and in the risk of falling.

“The IH also encourages the owners to hold condominium’s general assemblies to deliberate and approve the repair of the tiles in those buildings,’ the department added.

The economic or affordable public housing scheme was created by local authorities to allow residents to purchase housing units at prices lower than market prices via public application rounds.

The Lake Building was a first major local economic housing project, with the first of its with 2,703 housing units handed out to buyers in 2012.

Meanwhile, the first houses in the Ip Heng economic housing building in Seac Pai Van, which has 2,153 housing units, were handed to local residents in 2013, however, the warranty period expired in 2015.

Falling bricks due to the cold have been reported in the Lake Building and Ip Heng building in previous years but never at the level reported this winter.

According to an Exmoo News report, some 680 bricks in the building have fallen this winter, with the building’s residents association indicating that while between 2016 and 2019 the IH would assist with repairs but no assistance was provided last year.