Edf. Mayfair Court near Inner Harbour cordoned off as new imported COVID-19 case recorded

Health authorities announced that Edf. Mayfair Court at Rua de Francisco António (near the Inner Harbour) has been cordoned off, as a crew member of Hong Kong-Macau route cargo ships tested positive for COVID-19 today (Wednesday).

The Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre said in a statement that a 73-year-old local male, who works as a crew member of Hong Kong-Macau route cargo ships, tested positive for COVID-19 and was listed as a new imported case.

The Edf. Mayfair Court at No. 121-129 Rua de Francisco António, which is the residence of the new positive case, has been cordoned off and listed as a red-code area by health authorities.

The workplace of the new positive case – Pier No. 6A2 at Inner Harbour – will temporarily suspend operations for cleaning and disinfection, and Pier No. 6A and Pier No.6B at the Inner Harbour near the case’s workplace is listed as yellow code zones.

Individuals who work at the above-mentioned places will have their health code turned yellow, with the plan for nucleic acid testing to be announced later.

People who live with the man who tested positive and his colleagues on the same ship have already been sent to conduct nucleic acid testing and will be placed under medical observation, with epidemiological investigations in progress.