Education Development Fund awards MOP50.85 mln in 3Q

The Premier School Affiliate to Hou Kong Middle School has received MOP45 million from the Education Development Fund, it was revealed yesterday in the Macau Official Gazette. This payment is the second installment handed to this private institution in order for the school to expand its facilities.
In total, the Education Development Fund handed out during the third quarter some MOP50.85 million to support 30 institutions or professionals related to the education sector.
After the Premier School Affiliate to Hou Kong Middle School, Dom Luís Versíglia School received the second largest slice of the pie. The school received during the third quarter of the year a total of MOP3.36 million for tasks such as organising various courses, promoting the development of the school during 2013/2014 and promoting the improvement of the school environment.
As for São José de Ká Hó School, it received MOP947,000 from the total MOP50.85 million awarded by the Education Development Fund during the third quarter of the year. Of the MOP947,000, some MOP807,000 was handed out as an extraordinary subsidy for the promotion of the school’s development during the 2013/2014 year.
In 2007, the administration established the Education Development Fund to support and promote projects with good development prospects in non-tertiary education, meaning education until the completion of the secondary level.