Elderly to be allowed vaccination on-site without appointment

Starting from August 2 elderly people aged 60 or above can go directly to the various vaccination stations in Macau and get a Covid-19 vaccine on-site without making an appointment.

Doctors from the Conde S. Januario Hospital and from various health centres will assess the health conditions of the people over 60 that request the novel coronavirus vaccine and those who pass the assessment can receive any of the two vaccine types available.

According to the most recent update, a total of 279,472 people in Macau have been vaccinated with at least a dose of either Sinopharm or BioNTech vaccines, about 45 per cent of the local population, of which only 215,237 received the required two doses.

The Health Bureau indicated in today’s press conference stated that there are currently 42,000 doses of inactivated Sinopharm vaccines in Macau, with about 3,000 doses administered daily, with the existing stock said to be sufficient for two weeks.

A new batch of 200,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine is expected to be delivered next month.

As for Fosun’s BioNTech mRNA vaccines, there are currently about 80,000 doses, with about 400 to 500 doses being administered per day, with the current stock sufficient for about half a year.