Eleven men detained on child pornography suspicions

Eleven men aged, between 21 and 36, were handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office today on suspicion of committing the crime of disseminating child pornography, TDM Radio Macau reported.

The case was revealed at a press conference by the Judiciary Police (PJ), which launched an investigation following an Interpol alert earlier this month.

According to PJ, this involves sharing a video in Macau, individually and/or in groups on social networks, in which a man appears having sex with a young woman, a foreigner, “obviously underage”.

According to information from Interpol, before being blocked by the company responsible for the social network in question, the video, with approximately two and a half minutes, was downloaded and widely disseminated between the months of May and July.

Following the investigation, the PJ identified 11 suspects, security guards at four different companies. The men were arrested on Monday and their cell phones were searched.

Seven of the suspects admitted to having downloaded and resent the video to colleagues or fellow citizens abroad, but said they had not received any compensation to do so. The remaining four denied the crime. PJ believe, based on the images, that the video was recorded outside of Macau.

Authorities continue to investigate the possibility that there are more people involved in the dissemination of the video in question. If convicted, suspects risk a sentence of up to five years in prison, which can be extended to eight years if proven, for example, they made a profit with that.

This is at least the third suspected case of child pornography discovered since the beginning of the year, but, according to PJ, there is no evidence that the cases are related.