Environmental Protection Bureau to take over energy resources planning

The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) will take over functions for studying energy resources planning and collection of waste management fees, the Macau SAR Executive Council announced today (Friday).

According to the new regulations starting from January 1, 2021 the DSPA will take over the Office for the Development of the Energy Sector (GDSE) functions.

Currently, under the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, the GDSE is responsible for assisting the Government in formulating energy policy, to study the mid-and long-term energy resources planning, to carry out energy education, and to foster the sustainable development.

A new Department of Development and Management of the Energy Sector will be created in the DSPA with the personnel and resources of the GDSE to pass to the department, which will be then left with 342 staff.

“Following the fusion, we will continue with our works to increase energy supply in older neighbourhoods, the general use of natural gas and promotion of electric vehicles,” the DSPA Director, Raymond Tam, said today.

Starting from next year the DSPA will also be responsible for charging fees on the treatment of solid waste under new regulations to be enforced on January 17, 2021