Essential Macau | An intimate age-reversal journey led by Ms. Margie Lombard

Can you imagine water is the most harmful thing for your skin? This is the biggest tip from world-renowned beauty expert, Margie Lombard.

In 1998, Margie opened her first spa in Monte Carlo. This was the start of a concept which was an instant-results driven anti-aging programme that attracted the most glitzy, glamorous clientele of Monaco and those in the know world-wide. 
During the 40 years, Margie has worked hard to develop the products and techniques to boost collagen.  In addition to creating an array of unique therapies, the master also successfully designs an array of skincare products. 

Now, you can experience the amazing treatments and products designed by Margie at Morpheus Spa.  Situated in the ultra-luxury hotel, Morpheus Hotel, at City of Dreams, the spa must be the foremost luxury spa in the region. 
Specially designed for this one-of-a-kind spa, Margie exclusively creates a Platinum Mask. Previously, Margie had a gold version, which is beloved by Hollywood celebrities. She told us that the Platinum version is much more powerful and more effective. “I was keen to create something completely unique and exclusive for the most luxurious hotel with the right clientele.  Utilizing a precious metal like Platinum that resembles the iconic exterior of the hotel is my idea of a perfect match!” Margie said.

After cleaning and massaging, the therapist will apply this mask to your face for 20 minutes.  Priced at MOP 2500, it is an individual add-on to other treatments. 
The mask is connected to a digital panel which can personalize the treatment for clients.  This Platinum Mask aims to slow down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin. This revolutionary mask can stimulate cellular growth of the basal layer, the deepest layer of the epidermis, and regenerate skin cells for a firming effect.

The master newly brings a new 120-minute Stem Cells Illuminating Facial to Morpheus Spa, which is also the first in Asia. “It is a unique and results-driven combination of Swiss apple tree stem cells and collagen. This combination strengthens the skin’s moisture binding capacity, supports the smoothing of wrinkles and balances the skin surface for healthy protection. Scientifically proven to increase the skin’s moisture levels by 59% and decrease skin roughness by 38%.” Margie explained. The products used in this facial are a concentrated blend of Swiss Apple Stem Cell extracts, which simulates the vitality of the skin and delivers powerful anti-aging properties. The highly active illuminating Serum, Emulsion and Stem Cells Collagen face mask regenerate the skin cells, maintaining its youthfulness, intensively hydrates and leaves the skin truly radiant. Exceptional results in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are immediately visible. 

More of Margie’s signature treatments include the 110-minute “Margy’s Prestige Facial”, which smooths wrinkles and rejuvenates the complexion.

For guests in Macau, the master also gave some skincare tips for this winter. “The combination of Prestige Triple Concentrate to shield the skin and Triple Action Cream to deeply moisturise the skin.  The Face-lift Collagen Mask, used twice a week, gives a long lasting moisturising effect. See and feel the results!”

Back to the questions in the beginning, Margie believes the water through the pipe is dirty, which is harmful to the skin. “Clean your skin” and “wash your body” is her motto. She highly recommends the Azulene cleansing milk and the Lotion No 1 and No 2 of MARGY’S Monte Carlo to clean our face.
Last, but not least, Margie mentioned if there is only one product she can use, it is the Extra Firming Mask. MARGY’S Monte Carlo products are available at the Morpheus Spa as well.

Location: 3/F & 5/F, Morpheus at City of Dreams, Macau

*Editor-in-Chief of Essential Macau