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The new X7 is BMW’s response to a market that is becoming increasingly demanding of its SUVS. And since it already owns Rolls-Royce…

By Guilherme Marques

The BMW X7 is the German brand’s answer to a market that is demanding more and more ultra-luxurious SUVs. Lamborghini has the Urus, Bentley has the Bentayga, Aston Martin will soon launch the DBX, and even Ferrari is planning to launch a four-door SUV with an elevated driver’s seat. The trend is clear and BMW has a trump card with its ownership of Rolls-Royce. The Germans own the British brand, which is also riding the SUV wave with the Cullinan. This means that all the necessary engineering that BMW required to enter this competitive market, was already in place. All that was needed was to adapt the engineering to the brand’s unique DNA.

This is why, from the moment that it was known that the X7 would indeed be a reality, whether one fancied the idea or not, whether one now likes the finished product or not, it is undeniably an automobile of the highest excellence.

With regal proportions and striking dimensions, the new BMW SUV comprises the third embodiment of the brand’s luxury segment which includes the refurbished 7 Series and the sporty 8 Series.

The X7 is also the second largest automobile ever built by BMW. With 5,15m in length and 2m in width, it is only slightly smaller than the long version of the 7 Series. The 1,85m height and the 3,1m between axes are also very impressive figures as is the 326 litre capacity of the trunk and the configuration of seven seats with a 740 litre capacity and the more traditional two rows of benches. In the second row, one can opt for two individual seats or a long bench that can accommodate three passengers.

In order to obtain an aesthetic symmetry that would safeguard the traditional elements of the BMW design in an automobile of these dimensions was not an easy task. However, the X7 offers a natural evolution of the X5.

The interior stands outs in various ways. Namely the Vernasca leather typical of this series, the 5-zone climate control, the Bowers & Wilkins 3D sound system with 1500 watts, the fabulous Live Cockpit Professional infotainment that includes two 12,5 inch screens in the front, the new third-generation head-up display for the driver, and even screens for the rear benches.

Built to take the German brand to new heights, the X7 is a triumph of engineering that demonstrates that BMW is exceptionally confident in its capacity to compete with the biggest players in this demanding ultra-luxurious market.