Essential Macau | Idea for a quick, but good business lunch

Say goodbye to sad desk lunches. Yamazato Restaurant presents a beautiful and delicate “Sukeroku Sushi” set-lunch for you. 
The chef uses seasonal ingredients which are harvested this autumn to create a quick, but high-quality set-lunch. 

Sukeroku Sushi is a type of bento (Japanese lunch box) which became popular in the mid-Edo era. Sukeroku Sushi is a combination set of inari sushi(sushi tat wraps -sweetened deep fried tofu) and maki sushi, which is served as a single-portion takeout style sushi-pack. During the mid-Edo era, people couldn’t eat sushi made with raw fish, so they started to eat these “maki”sushe.

This exclusive offering features seasonal ingredients which includes a daily delicacy appetizer, assorted sushi, Maki-roll and mini mudon noodles. Each set composes 8 different types of sushi.
After eating the cold dishes, a warm udon is the best. The udon noodle is not the usual udon we know. It’s flat and a little similar to the Chinese noodle. Inaniwa udon noodles are made in the Inaniwa area of Inakawa machi, Akita prefecture. They are hand-stretched, dried udon which are slightly thinner than regular udon yet a bit thicker than normal noodles, and are cream-coloured.,
To finish the lunch, there is nothing better than fresh and sweet Japanese fruits. Whether you’re hungry for a lazy lunch or a quick meal, this special set-lunch is the perfect solution for your midday meal.  The Sukeroku Sushi” set-lunch is available now until October 31.

*Editor-in-Chief of Essential Macau