When it comes to making a list of the most positive and popular Cantonese singer-songwriters of this generation, Phil Lam must be on it. This talented singer will bring his first Macau concert, Philromantics – Phil Lam Live In Concert 2019, at Broadway Macau on 7 December. 

Phil Lam was born on a small island very near to Vancouver. He was the only Asian kid in his school, which had a huge impact on young Phil’s self-confidence. In middle school, Phil chose saxophone and jazz for his elective course. Music helped him gain confidence. “When I started winning prizes in different music competitions representing my school, I realized that people were beginning to focus on me and change their attitude. I have to say that music is a precious gift in my life.”, Phil said.

Thereafter, Phil kept playing music as a habit until he attended and won the Vancouver New Talent Singing Awards. He said: “At that time, I thought I had to give myself a chance to see if I could find a record label in Hong Kong. I gave myself a deadline, two years. Now, we all know that was a lie. Year after year, it’s been 12 years.”

During the first few years of his singer career, Phil really struggled. His job and even his relationship with his then girlfriend caused him a great deal of stress. “At that time, my partner (who has since become my wife) was already doing well at her job. As a man, I inevitably felt the pressure to affirm myself as well. I was lucky to have such a considerate girlfriend who told me not to be afraid and that if I weren’t successful with my music career in Hong Kong, she would go back to Canada with me. I was so impressed.”

In 2014, Phil released a song, ‘High Hill Low Valley’, which was a great success. Phil had composed the music and Abrahim Chan had written the lyrics. The song talks about people who feel despair in this society that has extreme disparity between the rich and the poor. 
“Before this song, I had told myself it was my last-ditch effort. I tried my best to make this album to ensure I wouldn’t have regrets in the future. When I completed the song, my team really liked the melody. I thought it was a magical song, but, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to become so popular.”, Phil said.

This song brought the singer to his first big achievement, but even after that, his songs continue to be well received by fans. Most of Phil’s songs describe common life experiences which a lot of people can relate to. The singer also says that his wife is one of the biggest sources of inspiration and that he wrote many songs for her, such as ‘Once in a Lifetime’.
In 2017, Phil proposed to his muse in Macau, so this city is very special to him. “Many years ago, when we visited Macau for the first time I tried to take her to the top of the Ruins of St. Paul’s, but I failed. However, she told me that she considered the gesture as a very romantic one. When I planned to propose to her, I resolved to go back to that special location.”
This winter, the singer will show his romantic side to his Macau fans with his appropriately-named show ‘Philromantics’. “In the past, I came to Macau for some school concerts or countdown concerts. I found there were many people who knew my songs. I was impressed and really wanted to have a chance to give them a solo concert.”, Phil explained.

So far, Phil has toured with his ‘Philromantics’ to Guangzhou, Foshan, Jiangmen and many other cities. As a special treat envisaged for Macau fans, Phil will select one group of people in the audience and sing with them on stage during the concert. If you are a fan of Phil’s, don’t miss this rare opportunity and show your support to your idol!

*Editor-in-Chief of Essential Macau