Essential Macau | Luxury holiday pamper

The holiday season is the perfect time to pamper ourselves with luxury spa treatments

Exquisite Aromatherapy Experience

The Iridium Spa at the St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central has launched a new Curated Aromatherapy treatment. Based on their needs and preferences, spa guests can create their own, tailored diffuser aroma combinations and body scrubs with the help of experts, then combine them with a relief massage or treatment to heal the body and mind.

An array of resins, balms, and oils from natural plants that emanate pleasant scents are waiting for guests to choose, mix and match.After finishing making the products, guests can indulge in a 45-minute relief massage and body-revitalising treatment, performed to the pleasant scent of their handcrafted aromatherapy fragrance to soothe the body and heal they mind.

The foremost luxury spa

Taking the spa scene to new heights, the Morpheus Spa, at Morpheus Hotel at City of Dreams is the ultimate indulgence for discerning guests looking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul.

The Morpheus Spa is designed with a sleek, Scandinavian aesthetic, and occupies two floors of the hotel. Designed by renowned interior designer Peter Remedios, the Scandinavian-inspired snow garden is kept at 5ºC below the ambient temperature to transport guests along the Morpheus Spa journey.The luxury spa also offers an array of cutting-edge, pioneer treatments.  

To celebrate the holiday season, there is nothing better than rewarding oneself with the signature platinum mask treatment, a collaboration with the international, award-winning Margy’s Monte Carlo brand. This global exclusive treatment can be a 20-minute add-on to all treatments and the unique mask helps to slow down collagen depletion and acts as a detoxifier, helping to regenerate skin cells and restore elastin.

For guests who have sleep problems during the busy working period, try another signature treatment. Morpheus Awakening is a body and face Marma massage, which releases tension, with potent active ingredients applied through a Nasya nasal oil application to stimulate the pineal gland. Amethyst and rose quartz crystals are used to activate the “third eye” and “heart” chakras, easing anxiety and restoring a sense of balanced bliss to the body.