Essential Macau | Meet the whisky ambassadors

Learn more about whisky at Macau’s first and only Whisky Ambassador Certified bar The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge

As world-renowned destination, the city has no lack of bars and lounges. However, the Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge at Galaxy Macau is the first and only bar in Asia to feature Macallan as its signature whisky. The bar boasts a collection of over 400 types of malt whisky, including the rarest selections from the Macallan Distillery. It is a true heaven for whisky aficionados.

The Whisky Ambassador, a uniquely designed course teaching the history, mystery and the up-selling opportunities that Scotch whisky offers, recently chose The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge as their base in Macau to promote this drink, create a community and educate whisky lovers. It is the first and only official outlet in Macau that features the original Scotland-accredited Whisky Ambassador programme.

“I did the Whiskey Ambassador programmes in 2014 because I was searching for any whisky classes and master classes. There weren’t any at all in Hong Kong at that time, not even in Asia,” said Eddie Nara, certified whisky ambassador and trainer. “When I came back and I met Leigh, we brought the programme to Hong Kong five years ago.”

“People in Hong Kong really liked to educate themselves and this is the first one-day, credited programme on whisky. We were the first people to bring it abroad, so Hong Kong was the first place in Asia where we premiered the lessons,” Dea Macleod, certified whisky ambassador, explained. “There are a lot of people like Eddie we have started online. Their palate developed, they understand how to taste.”  

The Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge organises classes, activities and workshops with experts, and participants can learn about the drink’s colourful history and also appreciate the intricacies of the fine premium spirit. “We chose to start the programme in Macau because it is easier for us. When we were looking for a bar to partner with, we found they had an amazing collection, with around 450 bottles. It’s incredible,” said Leigh McGrotty, certified whisky ambassador and trainer. “Most importantly, the people here, the level of service and their dedication were ideal.”

This reputable course is for professionals in the industry but also for whisky enthusiasts and beginners. “If you take the ambassador course, we teach you how to analyse the characteristics of whisky to find which you would like from sweet whisky, spicy whisky, dry whisky or smoky whisky,“ Macleod said. “It helps people to know what to order. It’s quite daunting to go to a whisky bar – you may take a look at all the bottles and think how do I choose?’. What we do with the whisky ambassador course is try to teach people how to decide what they like. We teach them about the whisky from a certain region, since it will generally have similar characteristics,” she explained.

“Each one of us has specialised in certain characteristics of whisky. Eddie is good with the technical aspects, production and science of whisky. And I am good at the history, story and background of whisky. Dea’s focus is on food paring,“ McGrotty said.

At the Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge, guests will encounter moments of Scottish delights. A deep Scottish flavour permeates throughout, from the furniture down to the smallest details, including the lamps and books on display. Traditional furniture, oak floors, leather sofas, beautifully patterned rugs, and an impressive fireplace come together for the perfect environment to unwind in.In addition to countless whisky selections, the Macallan Whisky Bar & Lounge also serves up champagne, wine, cocktails, and a whole host of other exceptional drinks, to suit all tastes.