Essential Macau | Play on the next generation playground

There is one more choice for you to spend weekend time in the city. You can now play tennis, ride a horse or even sky dive. Legend Heroes Park is a tech-based entertainment park that showcases virtual and augmented reality, offering hologram, motion tracking, projection mapping, 4D, video arcade games, entertainment and sportainment.

The park in Studio City is comprised of two parts. The larger part is located on the level 2, with a capacious area offering many different games. Another part of the park is situated on the ground floor, offering more stimulating rides. To enter the park, tickets can be purchased at the entrance. There are three packages to choose from; for example, the cheapest package, Explore, is priced at MOP 100 and includes 1,000 points. Every game costs different points, ranging from 200 to 1200 points. Points can be topped-up in the park when needed. The ticket is a wristband and with a scan code on the band to enter the park and play the games. The wristband is valid for the whole day, so guests can go out and back into the park anytime during the day.

For kids, it’s better to play on the second floor. The 4D theatre screens blockbuster movie titles The Lego® Movie™ 4-D Experience® and Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4D. The experience feels as if you’re living inside the world of the movie. With over 7 different kinds of environmental effects and precise and elaborate motion seaters, it changes the way movies are watched.

The little ones will be crazy for other attractions, such as the VR Bumper Car, where they will be a cute mango character and experience a real life bumper car in an amazing tour into the world of “Arabian Nights.” They will navigate from the kidnapping of princess Amanda and Aladdin in a new world of adventure to save the princess and experience a journey way through old iconic Arabian landscapes that bring the most popular fairytale to life!

For family fun, there is a huge range of physical and entertaining screen sports, retro video games, and pop rock themed bowling lanes.

For those who want to play more exciting games, the park offers a perfectly synchronized robotic arm. Highlights including Gyro 360, a mounted device that is able to spin freely about an axis, providing 360 degrees of freedom and thrills.

Adults can also enjoy an array of hardcore VR games, with popular IPs such as John Wick, Pay Day and more.