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To combat counterfeiting, Vacheron Constantin adopts Blockchain technology

The Vacheron Constantin “Les Collectionneurs” timepieces implemented for the first time, digital certification of authentification with Blockchain technology. The Swiss watchmaker enlisted the Arianee consortium to offer its clients an infallible authentication and traceability service in order to combat counterfeits. This Blockchain application was developed with the intent of granting each object a digital identity that is forgery-proof, durable, secure and transmissible. As such, each watch listed in the Arianee protocol is assigned a certificate, a digital passport of sorts, with various characteristics. Most notably, the capacity to transfer from one owner to another, the establishment of an anonymous link between the owner and Vacheron Constantin and the possibility of reporting loss or theft.

In addition to this innovative initiative, Vacheron Constantin also plans to evaluate the prospect of establishing a universal protocol for the digital certification of objects that could potentially be utilized by anyone in the world of luxury.