Essential Macau | The most insane garage in the world

Come to City of Dreams and celebrate the motion universe at TheArsenale’s flagship store in Asia

The world’s foremost billionaire’s playground for esoteric motoring collectibles, TheArsenale, lands in its new home in Asia at City of Dreams Macau.

Located in the heart of the glamorous Cotai district of Macau, City of Dreams is an iconic integrated resort providing ultra-luxury hospitality for guests from all over the world. The resort features four towers, the Forbes five-star hotel and award-winning spa Nüwa; the world-renowned Grand Hyatt Macau; the provocatively designed The Libertine that is soon to come; and the newest member of the family, designed by Dame Zaha Hadid, the Morpheus. The latter is the world’s first free-form, exoskeleton-bound, high-rise architectural composition and its surreal appearance has made it an instant icon in Macau, Asia and the world.

City of Dreams sets a new benchmark for premier hospitality in Macau and features an array of attractions, including Michelin-starred dining, award-winning spas, a spacious shopping centre and breathtaking art installations. 

Joining the resort’s already high-end attractions, Asia’s first TheArsenale showcases an array of the world’s most sought-after and rare finds of limited-edition vehicles. Founded by a true expert in style and movement, Patrice Meignan, in Geneva, TheArsenale is the first marketplace dedicated to high-technology mobility.

“We are a very young company, only four years old, but we are developing incredibly quickly. Here at the TheArsenale, we show, promote and create the most extraordinary machines on Earth. We are talking about mobility, and all the objects which allowed man to travel and discover the world, and it’s a beautiful industry. But we are not showing and promoting big brands, rather the small and independent ones. These are made by incredible designers,” Meignan said.

TheArsenale is named in reference to the legendary Venetian arsenal, the most important shipyard in Italy responsible for the construction of merchant ships and local armouries. Based on this historical structure, Meignan created TheArsenale, a universe broken down into four sections: land, air, sea, and beyond.

“As far as I can remember I have always been passionate about toys for boys: planes, jets, boats, bicycles, cars… Not only because they are objects of desire but for the freedom they represent. I have dedicated my life to this passion, and I am continually exploring all aspects of the moving world,” he explained.

Following its launch in Paris, Miami and Dubai, the project has finally arrived in Asia. The City of Dreams showroom features more than 40 extraordinary machines and other unique items. “We are thrilled to bring TheArsenale to Asia and City of Dreams is the most perfect location for our first showroom in the region. It is carefully spaced out to allow visitors a 360-degree view and all vehicles and artworks are the result of a thorough selection process,” Meignan revealed.

Highlights include a Formula 1 and Formula E models, two speed machines showcasing the ultimate racing technology from one of the fastest motorsports disciplines in the world. Cars lover will be fascinated by the Rezvani Tank, a bulletproof vehicle that looks like it belongs in a futuristic military service battalion.  It hails from the world-famous Rezvani Motors, which designs and manufactures weapon-grade looking vehicles for the road with the thrill of flying along open skies. 

Both the Formula 1 and the Rezvani Tank have been sold. “When you have one product and a thousand clients, it’s not difficult to reach the market. How many Foumula 1 models are for sale on the market? Zero? One? If you are a billionaire, and want a Formula 1, you can call Ferrari. But they only make engines, they don’t sell the cars. It took me four years to have this model,” said Meignan.  

In addition to fancy toys on land, the showroom in Macau also reveals a luxurious lightweight aircraft named Valkyrie. With interior design mastered by Maserati, this avant-garde aircraft offers ease of piloting with an engine with power up to 461 km/h. “It is the perfect symbol of what we are telling here. It is made by a small company; they have six to ten people working in there. The ultimate human dream is to fly, so they created a bird. For me it’s all about the pure beauty of the subjects,” he explains.  

The showroom retail space also features submarines, custom motorcycles, exclusive branded boats, luxurious BMX bikes created in collaboration with Dior and surfboards branded by Ferrari and Bentley, timepieces, artworks, and more.

The amazing showroom is open to public with free admission. Come make your dreams a reality at TheArsenale Flagship Store, your own insane garage.